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Agricultural Property Insurance Claims


We specialize in all aspects of agricultural related property losses.

Claims that include:


Your building/s, including your home, dairy parlor structures, barns, confinement facilities, silos, portable buildings, pens, chutes, corral fencing, building materials for farm buildings and fixed irrigation equipment, etc.

Inventory, Personal and Property (Products/Contents, like grain, silage, animal feed, pesticides, fertilizer, clothing, furnishings etc.).


Machinery & Equipment


• Livestock


Business Interruption Costs/Loss of Use


• Theft


• Arson


When covered by the policy:

  • detached garages
  • in-ground pools
  • outdoor radio or television antennas and satellite dishes
  • trees, shrubs, plants and lawns


AmClaims arrows The vast majority of Insureds will never read their insurance policy. Many that do, will not fully understand it. Policies can include an array of attachments and various nuances such as "endorsements", "floaters", "riders", etcetera. Wading through all of it can be confusing, and adding to the confusion, coverage can be included on one page and excluded on another, and vice versa.


The insurance company adjusters are interpreting the policy according to their company guidelines which serves their best interests.


     PLEASE DON'T GO IT ALONE!    Experience can be critical!


There can also be gray area (wiggle room) that they do not have to consider in order to compensate for the loss. Said another way, instead of setting forth a minimum proposed settlement offer, we will propose a higher amount, whereby putting you in a better position to hire the needed contractors once you receive payment and have all of the loss addressed.


Our fees.

There is no up front cost to utilize our services. You owe nothing until you receive payment from the insurance company for your claim.


Our fees are generally 3 to 8 percent of the insurance claim recovery. The amount of our fee varies by the size of your loss and the complexity of your claim. The objective studies have found that those that involve a public adjuster will recover as much as 700% more than the insurance company originally offers, and 500% more on average.


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