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(Homeowners, including co-ops, condos, owner-occupied multi-family dwellings, etc.)    

We specialize in all aspects of residential property losses.

This includes:

• Dwelling
• Other Structures (Unattached garage, shed, etc.)
• Contents / Personal Property
• Additional Living Expenses and Loss of Use

• Debris Removal

• Local laws that require upgrades after the loss

• And many more


It is recommended that you do not involve a contractor until after you have negotiated with the insurance company and received payment. There are several reasons for this:


a). It is not in your best interest or your contractor's for them to be negotiating with the insurance company about what will be repaired or replaced or to allow the contractor to be in a position to be persuaded to reduce their normal charges.


b). If you allow this situation to occur, then you will likely be faced with having to ask many contractors for estimates, even though you know you will not hire all of them, and, to boot, this process can be long and tedious, only delaying your claim.


c). You are entitled to the actual value of the loss, even if you are able to hire a contractor that will do the work for less. This can easily be one of the biggest benefits of hiring a public adjuster, as those extra dollars we negotiate can be utilized for other expenses. And, if you find that we recovered too much money, you will certainly be able to return some to the insurance company, though you would not be legally or morally required to do so.

Some of the applicable terms that you may need to know if you go it alone: 

ACV (actual cash value), RCV (replacement cost value), Guaranteed replacement cost, ALE (additional living expenses), LOU (Loss of Use), POL (proof of loss), Code Upgrade, Coinsurance, Period of Restoration, EUO (examination under oath), etc.




The vast majority of homeowners are not sufficiently familiar with the insurance policy, let alone the related requirements and roles associated with filing a claim in the proper and/or most beneficial manner.


Policies can have "endorsements", "floaters", "riders", etcetera, and, for example, coverage can be listed on one page and then excluded on another.


The claim process can be very confusing too.


The insurance company adjusters are hired to interpret the policy and the applicable laws according to guidelines which serve their best interests.


If you do not have a public adjuster representing you, money can be "left on the table" at a time when you need it the most. Our focus is to identify your losses and maximize the first offer.


AmClaims arrows After a loss, a primary goal is getting your home restored to pre-loss condition. Regardless of the type of loss sustained, another focus is getting normalcy back in your life. We understand that your energies need to be focused on rebuilding - but NOT at the expense of your personal needs.


We understand what it takes to resolve your claim. Please let us be there for you!


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